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About Us

Since 1974, Aircon Energy has provided energy conservation measures and HVAC solutions to our customers throughout California. Aircon’s in-house staff includes a team of engineers, project managers, control specialists, installers and an experienced service division. We also work with some of the best and most experienced outside engineers and sub-contractors in the business.

Initially we completed all aspects of our performance contracts in house, except the lighting retrofits. This included auditing, engineering, installation and post-retrofit services. As a commercial HVAC, controls and mechanical retrofit company, we were proficient at our work. Then, in the early 1980s, we expanded our area of expertise and began performing our own lighting retrofits. Since that time, we have retrofitted hundreds of thousands of light fixtures.

Today our role in the implementation of our projects is primarily as a construction manager. We subcontract more of our work, often using companies located in the counties where the work is being performed. Not only does this make good business sense for us, but it also promotes a good economy for the businesses in the community where the projects are located. And, it allows us to fully execute our role in the project as advocates for our clients, committed to achieving a thorough and excellent product.

Whether we subcontract the work or perform the work ourselves depends on our clients’ needs and how we can best meet those needs. If our clients have a good relationship with local contractors, we make every effort to use those contractors. In addition, the services of outside consulting engineers are used whenever it is of benefit to our clients.

One of the most unique distinctions in our company’s organizational structure, which sets us apart from traditional energy services companies, is our in-house service department. Our service technicians have many years of experience in the post-retrofit service of performance contracts. They know how to make systems achieve their energy savings goals while maintaining occupant comfort. In addition, they understand how critical it is to work with your staff when solving problems.

Our company is structured to accomplish a single goal: to identify and exceed our clients’ expectations. A major factor in our success has been working with our clients to develop their projects. In most cases, the staff that operates the facilities has an immense amount of knowledge about each facility. They often know exactly what the problems are, what needs to be done to solve those problems and how operations can be changed to be more efficient. We tap into that knowledge and incorporate it into our project design.

Aircon Energy’s goal has been devoted to developing and maintaining a strong relationship with our client’s staff so that the project becomes their project. In order for us to achieve the savings and operational benefits of the project, your staff must agree with our goals. As a part of our project, we thoroughly train your staff in the operation of the systems so that the projected energy savings are achieved. Our ultimate goal is to have your staff completely self-sufficient in the operation and maintenance of the project.

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