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Aircon Energy has a long history of satisfied customers and outstanding projects. Since our company’s founding, Aircon energy conservation projects have received numerous national and regional awards from the nation’s leading energy publication, Energy User News. Projects are judged on the basis of payback, annual dollar and energy unit savings and integration of energy-efficient technologies or strategies.

Below is a partial list of awards Aircon Energy has received over the years.

Sonoma County

Comprehensive Energy Project, California State Association of Counties Challenge Award (Click here for CSAC video)

Plaza Towers (Sacramento)

Efficient Building of the Year

Alameda County

Best Public Facility Award

City of Sacramento

Energy Efficient Building Award

Butte County

National Energy Efficient Building Award

City of Orange

Certificate of Merit Award

Skate Town Ice Rink

Commercial Building Award

Shasta County

Best Public Facility Award

City of Redding Convention Center

Public Spaces Award

San Luis Obispo Courthouse

Best Public Facility Award

For descriptions of these and other featured Aircon projects, please click here.

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