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County of Glenn, CA

Client Details
Project Size:
$2.9 Million
Annual Savings:
Financing Method:
 Bank Financing


  • New High-Efficiency HVAC
  • LED Interior/Exterior Lighting Systems
  • Occupancy-Based Lighting Controls
  • Building Management System Upgrades
  • Solar (Rooftop & Carports)

Project Highlights

Following the requirements of CA Government Code 4217, Aircon Energy was contracted in 2018 to provide 44 different energy conservation measures in 15 different locations for the County of Glenn, CA.  The project, funded 100% though a low interest loan from a third party financial institution, was initiated in August of 2018 and completed in the first half of 2019.

Aircon Energy replaced HVAC units on several buildings ranging in size from 3 tons to 25 tons that are in some cases over 22 years old.  High maintenance costs combined with high energy usage made them prime candidates for replacement.   The new HVAC units used the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant replacing those that use the now banned R-22 refrigerant.  In addition to replacing outdated equipment, major comfort issues were addressed in the Courthouse Annex by removing an outdated HVAC system with an all new system, eliminating existing heaters and reefer coils, and replacing with heat pump coils in the place of the heaters. The outdoor air condition condenser was replaced by a like sized VRF heat pump system and the fan section was upgraded with ECM and VFD controls. 

County-wide, light occupancy sensors were wall or ceiling mounted for all locations that are receiving LED lighting upgrades.  These lighting upgrades to LED were done to interior and exterior locations throughout the county to reduce energy costs.

High-quality solar was installed on roof tops, carports and ground mounted at several county buildings and locations.   Generating over 426 kWh of energy, just fewer than 1,000 panels will provide just under $120,000 in annual savings over the county‚Äôs current utility bills and came with a 25 year panel warranty. 

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